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ayo, cbf writing out a whole tab thingi. so here are the chords, just listen to 
the song and i'm sure you'll be able to figure it out. its pretty simple...

verse: Ab, C# -- its pretty much this the whole song. 

Ab                                            C#-Ab
I'm a shotgun filled with paint, and i'm 

Ab                         C#-Ab
too big to operate, and I

just throw my limbs around, I

C#                                                                                       Ab
groooooooooooow, grrrooooowwwww from the grounddddddd.

Ab, C#-Ab, C#

Chorus: Ab, Bbm, C#

It's okay, It's alright. it's true terror in the middle of the night

give in if it makes you feel better 

so surrender, so surrender!!

thats pretty much it... the whole song apart from the chorus is just Ab and C#. so 
don't stress, that's dumb. 

have fun with it...

later gator
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