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1. Use barre chords with a ska/reggae rhythm (except for the power chords during the outro).
2. E should be played as a C-shaped barre chord except during the bridge, where it 
should be played as an open chord.
3. If you want to play this song with all open chords (or on a ukulele or 
something), try transposing it +3 half steps.
4. These lyrics and chords are only how I interpreted the song, so feel free to 
experiment/substitute/comment/etc. if you disagree!
5. Enjoy!

F#m     Bm     E     A     C#
F#m     Bm     E     A     C#

F#m                         Bm
Wake up in bed screaming so silently
E                      A       C#
Punch out the walls of insecurity
F#m                          Bm
Make up instead and say that I'll be fine
E                              A       C#
I spread these kinds of rumors all the time
F#m                    Bm
My barricade is like a prison fence
            E                                  A       C#
The way I'm feeling when I smile: "They really make no sense"
F#m                           Bm
Lights in my room just like a starry night
E                          A
And that's the way that it goes,
that's just the way that it goes

D                    A
When there's nobody around you,
no one to profound you
Just leave me alone,

don't leave me by myself
D                      A
I see no friends, only strangers
that don't know my danger

F#m                      Bm
I drink my coffee from a paper cup
E                        A        C#
It doesn't keep my hands warm enough
F#m                         Bm
Making some plans so I have something to break
E                       A            C#
Looking alive so I have something to fake
F#m                            Bm
There's no protection when the demons come
E                             A     C#
I hear the screaming pound on my eardrums
F#m                            Bm
This house is haunted now that nobody knows
E                       A
That's just way that it goes
that's just the way that it goes


F#m     Bm     E     A     C#
F#m     Bm     E     A     C#
F#m     Bm     E     A     C#
F#m     Bm     E     A     C#

Tell me that this is a dream
            F#m              E
Give me the weightlessness I need
I'm floating around this room now
             F#m        E
Escaping the memory stampede
I think I can see my mother
           F#m               E
Living without her's made me weak
I'm fighting a losing battle
       F#m              E
I am a game of hide and seek


F#m     Bm     E                           A     C#
              (That's just the way that it goes, oh...)
F#m     Bm     E

C#5  B5  A5  G#5  F#m
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