• Song:

    Ballad Of Gordon

  • Artist:

    Barenaked Ladies

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Really not that many chords for this song out there. Figured I'd share these. Hope you enjoy!

Standard Tuning

Capo on the 2nd fret

[Verse 1]
G         Bm                  C
There was darkness, there was light
          D                 G
There was day and there was night
          Bm                  C      D
There was wrong and there was right

(D)                G
And then there was me
                Bm              C               D
You didn't even know me but you treated me like dirt
And then there was me
                 Bm             C            D
You didn't even know me but you called me a jerk
                   G  Bm  C  D
And then there was meeeeeee

[Verse 2]
I'm from a planet near a star
You wouldn't know, it's very far
They're calling me the man from Mars

But I think they're insulting me
They tried to take my special suit
(Insulting me)
They say my head looks like fruit
(What is fruit?)
(Insulting me)
Put your hands up or I'll shoot!

I don't have hands
            D         C
Across the galaxy, I flew
                  G       Bm      Em
Heard a peaceful message sent by you
                   D                  C
Now I find you're judged by color and size
I can't believe what you called my...

[Verse 3]
I'm the guy who sailed the sky, but I think I'd like to live here
Like to share your mountains, share your trees and share your rivers
I've never seen so many beings of so many colours
I'd like one day for you to say that I could call you brothers

(And then there was we)
I'd like to learn about your pizza and your weather
(And then there was we)
Then we could learn about how beings live together
(And then there was we)

So if you're thinking about being a spaceman
         C                         G
It won't matter if you're black or white
   Bm        C        D        G
Or purple or green or blue or red
   Bm          C          D       G
Or yellow with polka dots on your head
   Bm       C       D        G
Or made of snow, or made of wheat
   Bm           C               D          G
Or looking like something that's kind of a treat
   Bm       C  
I like your hat... [It fades out here, but you can just play the Bm, C, D, G 
progression a couple times until the end.]
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