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    Barenaked Ladies

  • Album:

    Play Everywhere for Eve...

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Celebrity Tab by Barenaked Ladies

                               CELEBRITY - Barenaked Ladies

Standard Tuning

Piano Intro


Guitar Intro


G  Fmaj C
G  Fmaj C

Verse 1:
G (piano does the rest here)
Don't call me a zero
I'm gonna be a hero
G           Fmaj7          C
Like Phil Esposito or the Kennedys
G                     Fmaj7
I'll be incorporated 
And I'll be imitated
G       Fmaj7           C
And overrated, but that doesn't bother me

D                 Fmaj7
All the jaws will drop
    C                  D
And all the girls will scream
    D             Fmaj7            C              D
And there will be commotion when I show up on the scene

Em7               A7     Cadd9    D
All that you will see is a celebrity
All that you will see is a celebrity


D Fmaj7 C D

Verse 2:
When I'm riding in my limo
I won't look out the window
Might make me homesick for humanity
There's nowhere that I can't go
And there's nobody I don't know
And there's an emptiness that's eating me

Prechorus 2:
All the clocks will stop
And all the jeans will cream
It has always been my one and only dream 


Bridge (hit only G, B and e strings):
D          D7
Leave your heart
Lay down your art
       A(bar chord)
You're here for the party
D         D7
Smile and wave

Try to behave
Be happy that they've made you a celebrity

Prechorus (last one):
D            Fmaj7   C             D
I could disappear into the great unknown
    Bm7              Fmaj7    C             D
And it would wear my face as if it were its own

And all that you will see is a celebrity
All that's left of me is my celebrity
I will get in first and I will get in free
All that's left of me is my celebrity 

Outro: play intro with chording in background
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