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    Barenaked Ladies

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    Extended Versions

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Enid Chords by Barenaked Ladies

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#This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the #
#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 1994 12:31:59 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: barenaked_ladies: enid.crd
To: guitar@nevada.edu


G             Am               Cm       G
Enid we never really knew each other anyway
G             Am               Cm       F
Enid we never really knew each other anyway

F            C                      G
It took me a year to believe it was over
F              C                    Bm         E
It took me two more to get over the loss (whoa whoa)
F        C                               G
I took a beating when you wrote me those letters
F         C                   D
And every time I remember the taste of your lip gloss

CHORUS (same as intro, but end every line on the G chord)

F          C                      G
There were times when I wanted to hurt you
F              C                        Bm         E
And there were times when I know that I did  (whoa whoa)
F          C                            G
There were times when I thought I would kill you
F           C                     D
But can you blame me I was only a kid

Am          D            G      G/F#           Em
Now tell me why we never really respected each other
Am          D           G             G/F#       Em
And tell me why I never believed that you were a person too
Am       D                           G  G/F#  Em
I always thought that you fancied my brother
Am             D               G   G/F#    Em
I may not have liked it oh but memory is a strange thing oh and
Am    D               G
Enid, Enid I remember you


Repeat first verse

(Chords for this part are same as in the "Now tell me why..." part above)

Now it's not fair to say that it's 'cause I was 3 inches shorter then
And it's not fair to say that it's 'cause I was only 15 years old
But maybe it's fair to say there was a lack of communication
I took the phone message oh and speaking of communication oh well
Enid, Enid you caught a cold

G                         Am
I could get a job I could pay the phone bills
        Cm                       G
I could cut the lawn cut my hair cut out my cholesterol
G                       Am
I could work overtime I could work in a mine
I could do it all for you

Repeat chorus several times and stir frequently

Ben McTernan
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