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From: dave@eng.umd.edu (David C. Fleming)
Subject: CRD: "Late Night" by Syd Barrett

Here are the backing chords to Syd Barrett's "Late Night"
from the album _The Madcap Laughs_  -one of my favorites.  If
anyone could help me work up a nice solo acoustic arrangement, I'd
be grateful.

I have not tabbed out the
solo/slide guitar parts, because I figure one may as well play
whatever one feels, but if there's interest in a tab of the
parts from the album, I could give it a shot.

Corrections, of course, are most welcome.

-Dave Fleming dave@Glue.umd.edu
"Late Night" by Syd Barrett
Transcription by Dave Fleming (dave@Glue.umd.edu)

Note:  CaddG = x32013

B                A
When I woke up today
And you weren't there to play
Then I wanted to be with you

When you showed me your eyes
Whispered love the skies             (???)
Then I wanted to stay with you

CaddG       Am(?)
Inside me I feel
CaddG       Am
Alone and unreal
And the way you kiss
                 G                     D
Will always be a very special thing to me

When I lay still at night
Seeing stars high and light
Then I wanted to be with you

When the rooftops shone dark
All alone saw a spark
Spark of love just to stay with you

Inside me I feel...

If I mention your name
Turn around on a chain
Then the sky opens up for you

When we grew very tall
When I saw you so small
Then I wanted to stay with you

Inside me I feel...
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