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    Running Forward

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INTRO: Dm   C   G   Bb (4x)

Dm       C                  G       Bb
Too many things are left to nowhere
Dm       C                   G       Bb
Too many tears are cried for this
Dm           C                      G       Bb
Time doesn´t stop (is) just running forward
D                  A
The things I miss

Dm     C              G         Bb
I do remember all the old times
Dm           C               G         Bb
The times of laughter and of pain
Dm             C                G         Bb
This thins are gone but all the memories
D                  A
Do still remain

G      Bb           D
Better face the situation
G         Bb               D      
Time`s to short to run and hide
G      Bb    F                 C
Better know, where you have to go
G       Bb              A
Running forward all the time

Dm           C            G      Bb
Sometimes in hopeless situations
Dm        C                 G      Bb
When everything around goes wrong
Dm                C            G       Bb
It seems: there´s nothing to believe in
D                    A
you´ve to be strong

Dm       C            G      Bb
Nobody´s born to be a loser
Dm          C           G      Bb
Ev´ry human beeing everywhere
Dm          C                 G      Bb
Life can be hard, life can be easy
D          A
Never care

CHORUS: (repeat)

INSTRUMENTAL: Dm   C   G   Bb  (3x)  D   A  (play it two times)

CHORUS: (repeat)
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