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    The End

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The End Chords by Bates

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Subject: b/bates/the_end.crd

Band:     			THE BATES
Song:     			THE END
Album:    			KICKS 'N' CHICKS
Tab and Chords from: 	Lenny (posted this July 1997) at SUNDAWN99@aol.com
Tabbed with:		Microsoft Word, Courier SWA, letter size ten(10)

There we go with another (boring??) Bates tune. This one doesn't really rock like most of their stuff, but 
fun to play at campfires anyways.


INTRO(acoustic/clean, like the whole song): C

C              Em      Am             F
You're feeling lonely, you're feeling cold
C              Em     Am             F
You're looking awful, you're looking oh, oh old
C             Em        Am           F
Once you were handsome, once you had friends
C           Em    Am          F
But this is over, this is the end. Ba ba ba

CHORUS (play four times):
E      (slide to)F
                 Ba ba ba

C           Em           Am          F
I'm feeling lonely, too, I'm feeling cold
C           Em          Am          F
I'm looking awful, too, I'm looking oh, oh, old
C          Em        Am         F
Once I was handsome, once I had friends
C           Em    Am(one downstroke, then no guitar)
But this is over, THIS IS THE END. Ba ba ba

-repeat CHORUS

C - Em - Am - F     (two times)
End on C
... "Ja, war lustig, ne!"

   Em   F    E    Am   C

Got it ?!! It's not too difficult. Does anybody know the SOLO to Bad Religion's PUNK ROCK SONG?? I 
any tabs you send me. Greetings to North Idaho Punkrockers again, Heidhausen Hardcore Crew, Markus, Fichte, 
Kara, Matt D., Jesse K., all Bates Fans and anybody, I forgot.
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