• Song:

    As Long As The Moon

  • Artist:

    Batt Mike

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From: Danie Marais <9218653@firga.sun.ac.za>
Subject: As long as the moon can shine (Mike Batt)
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 09:31:42 +-200

As Long as the Moon can Shine
Mike Batt

C                           F
I must have known that it existed
       C                  Dm7
but I couldn't quite concieve it -
       C           F        Dm7            G
I was always the loser in affairs of the heart.

           C                Dm7                     C
Well you know how when you find something that you want,
you don't believe it.
        A7             Dm               G          C
No you can't quite believe it when the good times start.

    E7              Am                F           C
I used to think of love as just a dream that dissappears.
             Dm7              C                  Dm7                F     G
But you've taught me more tonight than I have learned in all those years.

           C           G                 C
As long as the moon can keep on shining
         F          G             C       Am
and the sun keeps hanging in the sky.
Dm7         G          C     Am         Dm7            G
No-one can take what flows between us - no-one alive.
    C           G                C                F          G             E7    Am
As long as the moon can keep on shining, and the years keep rolling slowly by,
 Dm7                   C   Am   Dm7                  C
you'll be a friend of mine, as long as the moon can shine.

Some people search for people and some people search for freedom.
And some search for nothing, but the thrill of the chase.
Well, you know sometimes you search for things just to find that you don't need them.
Or you search for the right things in the wrong kind of place.

I used to think of love as just a promise people make
or a game that people play or just a risk that people take...  (But)


This is my (transposed) version of the song by Mike Batt
Send any suggestions/corrections to 9218653@firga.sun.ac.za

Danie Marais
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