• Song:

    Ballad Of Ole Betsy

  • Artist:

    Beach Boys

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Ballad Of Ole' Betsy
The Beach Boys
Little Deuce Coupe

C  Am  Em  A7
Betsy, Betsy, 
F        Dm7   G7
        C              Em
She was born in 'thirty-two
    F            G7
And was she ever pretty
    C                    Em
She rode a freight train west
        F                E7
All the way from Detroit City
Am7               C
Betsy's seen more places 
          F            Fm
Than I'll ever hope to see
Em7               Am7
Betsy's been more loyal
     Dm7              G7
Than any friend could be
     C                 Em
With some she traveled fast
     F             G7
With others it was slow
C                 Em
Betsy's seen them all
      F                  E7
She's seen them come and go
    Am7                C
She must have had some favorites
  F              Fm
Before I finally met her
    Em7            Am7
And now that she's all mine
     Dm7            G7
They better just forget her
C           C7
Betsy was a lady
    F               Fm
And that she will remain
Em7             Am7
Betsy took some beatings
        Dm7           G7
But she never once complained
    C             Em
She had a classic beauty
     F              G7
That everyone could see
  C               Em
I was the last to meet her
        F                E7
But she gave her life to me
    Am7           C
She may be rusted iron
       F              Fm
But to me she's solid gold
      Em7                 Am7
And I just can't hold the tears back
       Dm7     G7      F   C
'Cause Betsy's growing old
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