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    Beach Boys

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This is the John Stamos version from the television show "Full House." It's originally 
piano, but I transmitted the chords to guitar. Enjoy!

D  A  F#m  Bm  G  A

    D               F#m   Bm
If  every  word  I  said  could  make  you  laugh,

Bm         G         G/f#   Em7
I’d  talk  forever,  mmm...

    D                   F#m         Bm
I’d  ask  the  sky  just  what  we  had

Bm                G       G/f#  Em7
Mmm,  it  showed  forever

         D                  F#m         Bm
If  the  song  I  sing  to  you  could  fill  your  heart  with  joy,

Bm         G
I’d  sing  forever

G           G/Dm
Forever,  forever

Am               A7            F#m
I’ve  been  so  happy  loving  you

  D         F#m      Bm
[Hey,  hey  let  me  sing  forever

F#m           G
I  wanna  be  loved  forever] x2

**Repeat verse 1 and chorus**

          D                   F#m
Let  the  love  I  have  for  you

Bm                              G       G/f#  Em7
Live  in  your  heart  and  be  forever...

D =  A, D, F#
F#m = A, C#, F#
Bm = B, D, F#
G = G, B, D
A = E, A, C#
Am = E, A, C
E = Ab, E, B

     D                    G                Am
e:---2----           e:---3----        e:---0----|
B:---3----           B:---3----        B:---1----|
G:---2----           G:---0----        G:---2----|
D:---0----           D:---0----        D:---2----|
A:---x----           A:---2----        A:---0----|
E:---x----           E:---3----        E:---x----|

    F#m                   A                 E
e:---2----           e:---0----        e:---0----|
B:---2----           B:---2----        B:---0----|
G:---2----           G:---2----        G:---1----|
D:---4----           D:---2----        D:---2----|
A:---4----           A:---0----        A:---2----|
E:---2----           E:---x----        E:---0----|

     Bm                  G/Dm
e:---2----           e:---1----|
B:---2----           B:---3----|
G:---4----           G:---2----|
D:---4----           D:---x----|
A:---2----           A:---x----|
E:---x----           G:---3----|
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