• Song:

    In The Parkin Lot

  • Artist:

    Beach Boys

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In The Parkin Lot Chords by Beach Boys

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From:   marla hiltunen [mhiltune@up.net]
Sent:   Saturday, January 03, 1998 6:53 PM

Song:   In the Parkin' Lot
Artist: by The Beach Boys

transcribed by: by Marla Hiltunen

Part I

F#       B

C#           F#

     B           F#

   B        G#m7-C#

              F#                                        B
We're always first to hit the lot & wave to the man in blue now

              F#                                                 B      C#
It's just so early in the morning the grass is all covered with dew now

       E                    C#m
She's turning on the radio dial

        E                   A---C#
We can sit & listen for a while

               F#                                           B
She looks so great in the morning she doesn't even have to try now

             F#                                                        B
It's not my metal flame paint that the guys are digging when they pass by now

    E              G#m
Outside it could storm

     E                A---C#
But we'll still keep warm


All the kids are splitting to their lockers but we're still making out in the 

car now

               F#                                               B       C#
Just one long kiss & we'll be gone cause two minutes all there are now

E               C#m
Here comes the news

        E           A---C#
There's no time to lose

(Part I to fade out)

Chords by: Marla Hiltunen

You need feet to stand up straight with,
You need feet to kick your friends.
You need feet to keep your socks on,
and to keep your legs from fraying at the ends.

You need feet to stand on tippy-toe,
You need feet to dance the hoochy-coo.
You need feet to walk around with,
and I need feet to run away from you.
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