• Song:

    Orange Crate Art

  • Artist:

    Beach Boys

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Orange Crate Art Chords by Beach Boys

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                           "Orange Crate Art"
                            (Van Dyke Parks)

Intro: instrumental over verse chords

Verse 1:

	 Eb          Bb  G/B    Cm       G+
	Orange crate art was a place to start
	 Cm          G+         Ab     Eb+
	Orange crate art was a world apart
	Ab   /F  Bb/D /Bb  Eb      Abm6
	Home for two with view of Sonoma
	Eb/Bb           Abm6     G+    Db9 C9
	Where there's aroma and heart
	Cb9+5       Bb13             Eb6
	Memories of her orange crate art

Verse 2:

	Orange crate table and a rockin' chair
	Barnyard gate waiting some repair
	Trust in late and sweet inspiration
	You could go bust to replace
	Just what is here by the case


	          Eb      G13  Db9-5  C9
	Hear the lonesome locomotion roar
	Cb9+5   Bb9        [accord]G7+5[/accord] C9 [accord]F7+5[/accord] Bb9
	Hobo hop on if you dare
	        Eb          G13      Db9-5*     C9
	And it rolls where grapes of wrath are stored
	Cb9+5       Bb9        Eb
	Stops on a bracero's prayer

	* Db9 during instrumental repeat

Verse 3:

	From the vine of a vintage cru
	Comes the wine of this rendezvous
	Room for two in view of Sonoma
	Back when Ramona had heart
	Memories of her orange crate art

[repeat bridge instrumentally]

[repeat verse 3, first two lines instrumentally]

-- the only ace 90's tab from Andrew Rogers
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