• Song:

    Fight Your Right To Party

  • Artist:

    Beastie Boys

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Fight Your Right To Party Tab by Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys fight for your right to party.
 Tabbed by alleycat -prodigal_son-@kidrock.com.
This is an ill song and easy too.

artist-beastie boys
song---fight for your right
album--licensed to ill
tuning-standard low to high eadgbe

b----------- \\
g-----------  \\
d---6-------  /     let this ring
a---6------- /      hit the e then the rest of 
e---4-------/       the strings listen to the song 
                    to understand.

d--4--6--4--6-----------------   with this part 
a--2--4--2--6-----------------   follow the beat go
e-----------4-----------------   2 3 4 and 2 3 4 and
the verses are simple just palm mute the begining part i don't have the solo so if anyone wants to e-mail me it send it to  -prodigal_son-@kidrock.com                                                            until next time pimp on all ya motha fuckers         


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