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“Eight Days A Week”
Written by: Lennon/McCartney
Tabbed by: Stephen Hill
Normal Tuning   EADGBe

Intro:  D  / E  / G  / D

                D                          E                G
Verse 1: Eww, I need your love babe, guess you 
              D        D                           E             
  know it’s true. Hope you need my love babe, 

 G                 D
just like I need you.

               Bm         G            Bm       E 
Chorus:  Hold me. Love me. Hold me. Love me.
D                                  E              G                 D
I ain’t got nothing but love babe, eight days a week.

               D                       E       G
Verse 2: Love you everyday girl always on my 
D        D                         E               G  
mind. One thing I should say girl I’ll love you all the 


              A                      Bm             E
Bridge:  Eight days a week I love you. Eight days 
             G                        A
a week is not enough to show I care.

Verse 1



Verse 2



Please go easy on me. I’m only thirteen. And this is my first tab. Thanks
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