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    Beautiful South

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                    The Beautiful South

G                                                    Bm, Em
From Northenden to Partington its ra-a-ain
C                                                        D
From Altrincham to Chadderton its rain
G                                                      Bm, Em
From Moss Side to Swinton hardly Sp-a-ain
C                                                                D
It’s a picture postcard of wish they never came.

C                                                                                  G
And whilst the deckchair in the garden it makes no sense,
D                                                    G
It doesn’t spoil the view or cause offence.
C                                              G
Those Floridas, Bavarias and Kents,
D                                                                 G
Make gentlemen wear shorts, but don’t make gents.

So convertible stay garage bound,
Save aftersun for later,
If rain makes Britain great
Then Manchester is greater
G                                                        C
As you dry your clothes once again upon the radiator,
What makes Britain great
Makes Manchester yet greater.
G                                                               Bm, Em
From Cheetham Hill to Wythenshaw its ra-a-aing,
C                                                          D
Gorton, Salford,Sale pretty much the same.
G                                                             Bm, Em
As I’m caught without my jacket once aga-a-ain
C                                                             D
The raindrops on my face play a sweet refrain.

C                                                      G                               
And as Winter turns reluctantly to Spring,
D                                                                      G
For the clouds above the city there’s one last fling.
C                                                             G
Swallows build their nests, chaffinches sing
D                                                                           G
And the sun strolls into the town like a long lost king!

Repeat Chorus: -

C                                                                      G
And the mood of this whole sudden place is melancholy,
Like the sun came out to play, shone through the clouds but
dropped its lolly.
C                                                            D
Everyone looks so disappointed so,so, sorry
Like the rain blew into town, kidnapped the sun and stole its

Tabbed by: - Stephen J. Bolton  2006
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