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One Glass Of Water Chords by Bees

		      ONE GLASS OF WATER by The Bees
Tabbed by: Erik Koene
Email: erik.nmgn [at] gmail.com

Tuning: EADGBe

It's a really easy song, I tabbed the first verse and chorus, but it's all easy to do!

-Verse 1 (lyrics could be wrong, I don't have my CD here at the computer, but I think you'll get the idea)

E        A         E            B
I would like just one glass of water
    E       A         E             B
And I would like to dance with your daughter
E       A        E         B
I would like, if you would let me
E         A        E       B
Take your girl, off to the party
     E         A          E       B
I'll bring her home, your one and only
E         A       E        B
Earn your one and treather daughter

-Chorus 1
E   A  F    B
I'm no king kong
  E      A          F            B
I may be hairy, but not quite as strong
  E       A                C          B
I already told her she can lean on my shoulder
E       A      E      B      E       A      E
Hoolay hoolay hoolay hoolay hoolay  hoolay hoolay!

By the way
E (022100)
A (002220)
B (224442)
F (133211)
C (x32010)

And like that you can play the whole song

Good luck!
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