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Start Chords by Bees

The Bees (A Band of Bees)
The Start
Free the Bees
Time: 3/4

Intro: C

Intro/Chorus Riff:

Verse: C Dm G F
Was it you in the shadows?
I've got to get this right
G                       F
Walking away, with your arms slowly tight

How can I promise
I'll never let you down
Put one worf on me I'm not the new man in town

Bridge: C Dm G F (Twice as fast as in the verse)

C         Dm         G               F
Oh that's so not the way (You should look at it)
    C         Dm
The effort in Art
G              F
Comes from the heart
     C          Dm
This place is blood red
    G             F
And hits from the start

Chorus: C

Use same riff as in the intro

Hits from the start
Hits from the start

Verse 2:
Mister Mister, draw me your picture
put on your suit and tie
And pour yourself a glass of wine..

Your in buyers hands,
You can't really lose
Just the dough you spent, on all the paint you use

Bridge 2:
Oh that's so not the way (you should look at it)
The effort in art
Comes from the heart
this place is blood red
and his from the start

Final Chorus

End on C

----Really, if you're looking up the tab for this song, you're taste in music is indescribable.

Paul Buffa
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