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Room For Me Chords by Beggars Bridge

Room For Me  by Beggar's Bridge
Ted Wulfers

This is another amazing song off of their album In The Spirit.  It's an
easy chord progression but they use it really well.  These are the
chords I think I've seen Ted Wulfers playing at shows.
He's all over the neck using weird phrasings but here are the ones
I think he uses most.

Three chords the whole song are   E   B/E   A/E
E                  B/E            A/E
----0------     ----0----     -----0----|
----0------     ----7----     -----5----|
----1------     ----8----     -----6----|
----2------     ----9----     -----7----|
----2------     ----X----     -----X----|
----0------     ----X----     -----X----|

Intro:  E   B   A
        E   B   A
E                         B              A             E
Up along the road I see a man, I see a man in my head
Good for nothing sorrow I guess he's better off dead
So I listen to teh children, yeah I listen to 'em listen to 'em scream
Thank God this is a nightmare, man I wish this was a dream


E            B     A
Got any room for me
Got any room for me
Two good eyes can see
In the land of the free
If you got any room for me
Room for me

E                          B               A             E
Look into the headlights of the cars that pass me by
All they make me want to do is get up and fly
So I take a hit from the pumpkin that punches my face
You are still a rat if you win the rat race


Crazy part
Chords  E G A B A G
        E G A D A G
        E G A B A G
        E G A D A G    E

E                         B                A              E
Swimmin' down the river that flows out of your wound
You treat me like a beggar like I'm some sort of cartoon
Even when it's hot outside, I feel like I'm going to freeze
I don't want to catch your pretty disease


Crazy part


Crazy part   end on E

This song kicks.  Have fun with it.  Check out the mp3 at www.beggarsbridge.com
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