• Song:

    Big John Shaft

  • Artist:

    Belle And Sebastian

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Big John Shaft Chords by Belle And Sebastian

Big John Shaft by Belle & Sebastian
From the album Storytelling

Capo 2nd fret

Intro: C F

		  C	 F
I'll make another movie

		    C		 F
The same one as the year before

	     C	   F
Take a tired idea

	      C		    C7
Put it in the hands of Hollywood

I need to talk to someone

I've been living someone else's life

		       Bb		 F
I don't get no mail at my house anymore

My manager's my bride

(Verses 2 & 3 use the same chords)

I'm sitting on a jet plane
I'll see my baby soon enough
I won't take her to a movie
I'm worried that the lines become all blurred
I couldn't help but feel insulted
When the boss told us to act that way
I'm ashamed of my profession
I would do the same again

I'll make another movie
Same one as the year before
I'm looking for a story
Something ludicrous to come up from the street
I won't play another heavyweight
I won't play another big John Shaft
Put me in a frock and leave me to recite
Maybe my career will die
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