• Song:

    The Eight Station Of The Cross Kebab House

  • Artist:

    Belle And Sebastian

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note: chords are explanated in the end.

intro: Em

    Em       Ebdim         Em   C#dim
I'm sitting around at the checkpoint
Em        Ebdim    C#dim  Ebdim
Keeping myself to myself
   Em            Ebdim      Em            C#dim
My heart's going out to the girl with the gun
       Em            Ebdim        C#dim  Ebdim
She is young, she is fun, she is dea-----dly

(note: the next G#dim goes from 14fret in the same position as the D#dim)

    Abdim  F#dim  Edim  F#dim  Edim Ebdim  Edim   C#dim
She clocks off,   goes  back    to  the     ci-----ty
Abdim F#dim  Edim    F#dim   Edim  Ebdim   Em
Goes   to     a      club    with   her   friends


(then next verse goes as first)

I just took a walk through the checkpoint
Past columns of poor Arab sons
They queue through the day for a chance to make pay
For something to put in their mouths

He can't sleep at night without gunfire
The lullaby puts him to sleep


Solo: Am, Abdim, Em, Cdim
Am, Abdim, F#dim, Abdim

   Am           Abdim         Am        F#dim
We stand there accused of the British collusion
   Am       Abdim  F#dim      Abdim
Israel into Pales---ti--------ne
   Am         Abdim     Em        Cdim
A victory for some an astonishing hope
        Am         Abdim       F#dim   Abdim
But for him it has brought devasta-----tion
   Cdim  Bdim   Adim  Bdim   Adim  Abdim  Adim  F#dim
He lives  li----ke a  pris---'ner   in     ex----ile
   Cdim  Bdim   Adim  Bdim   Adim  Abdim  Am
He lives  li----ke a  pris---'ner   in    hell

D                C                          Bb
Loves black and white in the blue vault of space
      Bbm           Fm         C
Swoop around like a symbol of peace
    Gm           Dm
Can they see the hawk?
            F       Cm
They're too busy in talk of love
Eb               C#          Bb
Why should they contemplate fear?

(and so the next goes quite as the first verse)

Everyone meets in the cramped city streets
Hipsters of Zion collide
To talk music and dross
At the sign of The Cross
   Em       Ebdim     Em
We eat our falafel in peace
    Em           Ebdim    Em
The girl lets her uniform slip
    Em           Ebdim        Em
The boy cracks a joke, he is sweet
   Em         Ebdim      C#dim    Ebdim
He listens to hip hop in Ga--------za
    Em         Ebdim       Em
She listens to Coldplay in Lod

can be variation from D#dim or from G#dim


the part "he lives like a prisioner..." i think is easier if you do the "dim" 
chords varianting from the G#dim e go lowering the tones
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