• Song:

    You To Thank

  • Artist:

    Ben Folds

  • Album:

    Songs for Silvermen

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"You To Thank"
Ben Folds
Songs For Silverman
Tabbed by Mark Spurlock

This song, naturally, is for piano. I've tabbed it out for guitar with the aim of making
it sound as correct as possible while still being technically feasible for a solo player


These are just arpeggiated chords way up the fretboard.

  Bb                   C                   F

   Bb                 C                  F


Bb C   F        Bb               C
By the time the buzz was wearing off 

        C7                  F   
We were standing out on the sidewalk 

         Bb                       C
With our tattoos that looked like rings 

       Bb     C     Bb
In the hot Nevada   sun 

Verse 2

Gifts piled high and our moms and dads shook hands 
And our party of polaroid friends 
Rented a pool and hired a band 

Bb                        F
Maybe they knew more than we knew 

            A                     Dm                Bb          Bbm
Cause they danced and drank while we jumped off the deep end 


In order to have the root notes make any melodic sense, play at least the first two
chords from each line only on the high 4 strings (D G B e). If this part is too complex,
you can simplify it by ignoring the altered root notes and just playing standard chords

             F     F/A     Bb    F
Oh I've got you 

    C/E            C/Bb    A     A 
To thank 

     F             F/A     Bb    F                      
For this 

            C/E    C/D     A     A

Christmas came around 
Yeah and everything was going to crap 
For moms and dads, not a clue to be had 
Yeah we put on a pretty good act 

And they seemed to all need to believe it 
So we danced and drank and paddled hard Beneath it 

Oh I've got you 
To thank 
For this 

Bb   C   Bb   C      Bb C   A      Bb
You can't say you've ne-ver had a doubt 

     C    Bb        C  Bb  C  A      F
and smoked it down but really wanted out 

Play chorus sans lyrics.

Then there's a solo. I found one transcription that claims its F Bb C A played 4 times.
This sounds wrong to me, but whatever. If anyone feels inspired to figure out something
here, more power to you. I'm moving on.

By the time the buzz was wearing off 
We were standing out on the sidewalk 
With our tattoos that looked like rings 
In the hot Nevada sun

    Bb   C     F 
And they won't fade 


There you go. Comments and corrections to oneequalszero@yahoo.com
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