• Song:

    Jackson Cannery

  • Artist:

    Ben Folds Five

  • Album:

    Underground: Pre 1995 D...

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 Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 13:39:02 -0400
 From: Schmooze1@aol.com
 Subject: Jackson Cannery on Guitar

 the first part is easy


 the "rising" second part of the verse I have not figured out yet, although I
 know it starts with D and rises to G

 the chorus is somewhat complex...


 and the "whoa-whoa" section is basically jumping back and forth twixt D and G

 > Okay, I had wanted to keep this a secret until I came out with my complete
 > parody of the CD, but what the hell, here's some help.  The chords are
 > actually more textured than just C-D-E-G, they're C7/add9-D7-E7-G7, then
 > D-F#7-G-E.  The "Did Mother Nature" part is A-G6-C7/add9-D-G-D-E.  There's
 > more, but I'm rushing out the door.

 That's it!!!  all you are missing is the C7-D7-G7-D7-G7 in the "whoa-whoa"

 I am still working on this six string of mine to figure out that last part.
  Oh and the mother nature part.....I got it A-C7-G..... maybe it is just
 me.....thanks mucho!
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