• Song:

    Teardrop Windows

  • Artist:

    Ben Gibbard

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G - C - Am - D7  : Teardrop windows crying in the sky, he's all alone and wondering why

G - C - Am - D7  : Ivory white yet feeling kind of blue when there's no one there 
to share with you

C - B/C - Am   : But there's too many vacant seats

C - B/C - D    : He's feeling sore and teal

C - B/C - D - G  : When the sun sets over the sound, he just falls asleep. (End on 
a G chord for "sleep")

There is another part in the 2nd verse which is kind of like a bridge- the lyrics 
start with "He wonders where the workers are"

C - Am - D7

C - Caug - Am - D  : "the elevators operate.."

There is a descending bass pattern on the last D chord.
It is: D - C/D - B/D - A/D (This is played while "Anymore is sung over and over)

Repeat verse and end on G.

This is a very easy song to learn to play. Just follow along with the lyrics and 
you'll figure it out. I learned it literally 5 minutes. I hope you enjoy this 
great new song from Ben as much as I do!
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