• Song:

    This Place Is A Prison

  • Artist:

    Ben Gibbard

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Intro: Em - G

Em              G
This place is a prison
Em                          G  
And these people aren't your friends
Em                      G
Inhaling thrills through twenty dollar bills
As the tumblers are drained
And then flooded again and again

D4 - Em - G  x2

Em                    G
There's guards at the on ramps
Em           G
Armed to the teeth
And you may case the grounds
From the Cascades to Puget Sound
But you are not permitted to leave

C                    D4
I know there's a big world out there
        Em                G
Like the one that I saw on the screen
C                 D4
In my living room late last night
       Em                 C
It was almost too bright to see
And I know that it's not a party
      Em            C
If it happens every night
Pretending there's glamour and candelabra
As you're drinking by candlelight

Em - D4-

C                          WALK  -  TO  -  Em    D4
What does it take to get a drink in this place?
C                               Em 
What does it take, how long must I wait?      

[repeat to end]
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