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  • Artist:

    Ben Harper

  • Album:

    Ben Harper Box Set

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Tom: A
guitar tuned 1/2 step Higher (or capo on the first fret)


A                  D       A
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
E                             D        A 
that's what has become of our love and trust.
A                           D           A  
Love has no direction cause love has no aim
E                     D           A 
love can leave you as fast as she came
E                     A
Meeting is such sweet sorrow 
      C#m                    D1  
cause someday we may have to part 
D2             B      C#m  C#9 C#m           
hush don't you make a sound 
B            D      A
you're gonna let me down 

Good things come to those who wait 
but good things are gone from those who are late. 
All that I am is all I can give 
but with or without you my life I must live 
(instrumental verse) 
Living ain't easy
since you've been gone
no one else can please me
or make me feel home 
Forgetting ain't easy
you stay on my mind
thoughts of us haunt me
can't leave them behind 
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