• Song:

    I Shall Not Walk Alone

  • Artist:

    Ben Harper

  • Album:

    Ben Harper Box Set

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I Shall Not Walk Alone Chords by Ben Harper

Artist: Ben Harper
Song: I Shall Not Walk Alone
Tabbed by: Donald Niebyl
email: donald.niebyl@gmail.com

Standard Tuning

Chords used:
E    022100
A    002220
Bm   2244--
C#   4466--
C#m  44665-

Intro:  E A E
        E A E
        A Bm C#m A Bm E

              E                A        E
Battered and torn Still I can see the light
                              A         E
Tattered and worn But I must kneel to fight
                      A         E
Friend of mine What can’t you spare
                           A        E
I know some times It gets cold in there

 A                Bm     C#           A          Bm       C#
When my legs no longer carry And the warm wind chills my bones
   A          Bm    C#          A        Bm   C#
I reach for mother mary And I shall not walk alone
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