• Song:

    Prettiest Tree On The Mountain

  • Artist:

    Ben Sollee

  • Album:

    Live From The Grocery O...

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C                F
Well a robin flew by my window
           C               G
I thought it just might be you
Judging from the colour of its breast
And the sound of its song
     C             G         C     
But I'm just thinking of you

Cos you're in sunny California
The fertile land John Steinbeck wrote,
But when I came not a single fertile patch
Could be spared for you and me

            F           G           C
You see I wanted to love you baby
C                                  G
But neither you nor I'd been loved before
                    C                        F                  
I thought I could change the world if I just held you high enough
             C           G              C
The truth is I couldn't hold you up at all

           Am     G  F
I couldn't hold you up
            Am   G  C
I couldn't hold you up
        G                       C
And I sure ain't gonna hold you down


Well I'm leaving
Walking back home
       C                G
I don't care if it takes years or more
         C                 F
But as I walk through the hills of Kentucky
       C                  G
The leaves begin to turn red

        Am   G  F
And I think of you
         Am   G  C
Yes, I think of you
      G                    C      
The prettiest tree on the mountain.
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