• Song:

    Where Are You

  • Artist:

    Betty Steeles

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This is a pretty rough layout of how I started playing it and all I can say is it 
works. Feel free to add whatever hammers and pull-offs you want and even change 
notes here and there. Or even end up figuring out your own chords :P But this is a 
very cool song to play and sing.

G (320003@1)   AmBroken (x02210@1)frames
Em (022000@1)     CAll (x32010@1)dark inside
G (320003@1)      AmFaces (x02210@1)mismatched
Em (022000@1)                  CTrickle (x32010@1)out in a line
G (320003@1)      AmWaves (x02210@1)of shadows
Em (022000@1)      CScattered (x32010@1)dreams
G (320003@1)       C(x32033) (x32010@1)Where are you?
Em (x22033) G
Where are you?
G (320003@1)      AmTrying (x02210@1)to find,
Em (022000@1)     CWhat (x32010@1)do I see?
G (320003@1)          AmPictures (x02210@1)that rhyme,
Em (022000@1)       CColors (x32010@1)that breathe
G (320003@1)    Am (x02210@1)name="chord_022000@1">Em      CI (x32010@1)need to discover more
G (320003@1)             AmFind (x02210@1)where I've been,
Em (022000@1)       CLet (x32010@1)images pour (repeat, you get the idea...)

Trying to find,

What do I see? (Where are you?)

Pictures that rhyme, (Where are you?)

Colors that breathe (Where are you?)

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