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Capo 4
(Palm mute until chorus)

CShe's (x32010@1)upset
GBad (320003@1)day
AmHeads (x02210@1)for the dresser drawer to
F (133211@1)                 GDrive (320003@1)her pain away
                               CNothing (x32010@1)good can come of this.

CShe (x32010@1)opens it there's nothing
GThere (320003@1)is only left over tears
Am (x02210@1)            FMom (133211@1)and dad had no right she screams
C (x32010@1)                    G (320003@1)                 CAs (x32010@1)the anger runs down both of her cheeks.

C (x32010@1)                   GThen (320003@1)she closed her eyes
          Am (x02210@1)              FAnd (133211@1)found relief in a knife
                G (320003@1)          CThe (x32010@1)blood flows as she cries

C (x32010@1)                     GAll (320003@1)alone the way she feels
                        Am (x02210@1)                  FLeft (133211@1)alone to deal with all the pain-drenched sorrow relief
G (320003@1)                                    CBite (x32010@1)the lip, just forget the bleeding

Then she closed her eyes
And found relief in a knife
The blood flows as she cries [x2]

Am (x02210@1)                     FCurled (133211@1)up she's on the floor
                        GRelief (320003@1)left her she had hoped for something more
G (320003@1)      GFrom (320003@1)it (hoped for something more)
G (320003@1)  CFrom (x32010@1)it

Am (x02210@1)                     FHe (133211@1)leans down to comfort her

She is weeping and He
GWraps (320003@1)His arms around
G (320003@1)                          CAnd (x32010@1)around and around and...

CThe (x32010@1)deeper you cut
GThe (320003@1)deeper I hurt
AmThe (x02210@1)deeper you cut
FIt (133211@1)only gets worse [x2]

Now she's slowly opening...
Yeah she's slowly opening...
New eyes...

C (x32010@1)                 GThen (320003@1)she opened her eyes
          Am (x02210@1)                 FAnd (133211@1)found relief through His life

And put down her knives

C (x32010@1)                 GThen (320003@1)she opened her life
          Am (x02210@1)                     FAnd (133211@1)found relief through His eyes
        CAnd (x32010@1)put down
        G (320003@1)      F (133211@1)   CShe (x32010@1)put down her life 
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