• Song:

    Love On Top

  • Artist:

    Beyonce Knowles

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      A (x02220@1)                  F#m (244222@1)                  Dmaj7Honey (xx0222@1)honey, I can see the stars all the way from here
          E (022100@1)                     ACan't (x02220@1)you see the glow on the window pane
                F#m (244222@1)            Dmaj7I (xx0222@1)can feel the sun whenever your near
               E (022100@1)        
Every time you touch me I just melt away
    Dmaj7 (xx0222@1)                    E (022100@1)                     ANow (x02220@1)everybody's asking why I'm smiling out from ear to ear
      F#mBut (244222@1)I know
Nothing's perfect but it's worth it
E (022100@1)                       AAfter (x02220@1)fighting through my tears
                F#mAnd (244222@1)finally you put me first
          ABaby (x02220@1)it's you
                 F#mYou're (244222@1)the one I love
                 Dmaj7You're (xx0222@1)the one I need
                       EYou're (022100@1)the only one I see
                  ACome (x02220@1)on baby it's you
                               F#mYou're (244222@1)the one that gives your all
                            Dmaj7You're (xx0222@1)the one I can always call
                            EWhen (022100@1)I need you everything stop
                           AFinally (x02220@1)you put my love on top

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