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    Beyonce Knowles

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			     RESENTMENT - Beyonce Knowles
Tabbed by: garamri for Ultimate-Guitar.com
Email: garam.ri@gmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Intro and Verse
   F (133211@1)                    D7 (xx0212@1)                Gme|---------------------|-------------------|-3-----3-----3-5-6-| (355333@1)B|-6-----------6-------|-7-----------7-----|-----3---3---3-----|

F (133211@1)                   Gm (355333@1)                      Bb (x1333x@1)       Eb (x43121@3)name="chord_x1333x@1">Bb
e|-5----------5h9p5----|-3h5p3------------3---|  |--------------------|
B|-6--------6----------|------6p3-------3---3-|  |-6-----------8-6----|
G|-5----5h7----------7-|----------3---3-------|  |-7---7---7---8-7----|1st
D|-7-------------------|------------5---------|  |---8---8---8-8-8----|&
A|-8-------------------|----------------------|  |-5------------------|2nd
E|---------------------|----------------------|  |--------------------|Repeat

3rd time around:
  Bbe|-------------------| (x1333x@1)B|-6-----------6-----|

  Bb (x1333x@1)       F (133211@1)              Gm (355333@1)                   Bbe|-6-----6-|-6-----5h9p5----|-3h5p3------------3---|-----------------------------| (x1333x@1)B|-6-----6-|-6----------8p6-|------6h3-------3---3-|-6-----------6-6-------------|

Intro: F D7 Gm F Gm Bb (Eb Bb)

F (133211@1)                       D7I (xx0212@1)Wish I could beLieve you, then I'd be alright
Gm (355333@1)                  F (133211@1)                    Gm (355333@1)       BbBut (x1333x@1)now everything you told me really don't apply to the way I feel inside
F (133211@1)               D7Loving (xx0212@1)you was easy once upon a time
Gm (355333@1)         F (133211@1)                 GmNow (355333@1)my suspicions of you have multiplied
     Bb (x1333x@1)                 
And it's all because you lied

F (133211@1)        GmI (355333@1)only give you a hard time 
                            Bb'Cause (x1333x@1)I can't go on and pretend like 
Bb (x1333x@1)                  F (133211@1)        GmI (355333@1)haven't tried to forget this
                          BbBut (x1333x@1)I'm much too full of resentment

F (133211@1)                        D7Just (xx0212@1)can't seem to get over the way you hurt me
Gm (355333@1)                      F (133211@1)                   GmDon't (355333@1)know how you gave another didn't mean a thing
Bb (x1333x@1)          (Eb Eb)
The very thing you gave to me

F (133211@1)                          D7 (xx0212@1)                       GmI (355333@1)thought I could forgive you, and I know you've changed
                      F (133211@1)                  GmAs (355333@1)much as I want to trust you, I know it ain't the same
        Bb (x1333x@1)          
And it's all because you lied

F (133211@1)   GmI (355333@1)only give you a hard time 
                         Bb (x1333x@1)'Cause I can't go on and pretend like
Bb (x1333x@1)                    F (133211@1)      Gm (355333@1)I haven't tried to forget this
                          Bb (x1333x@1)    (
But I'm much too full of resentment

[Key Change to F#] (altered riffs below)

B (x2444x@1)               F# (244322@1)    G#mI (133111@4)may never understand why 
                          BI'm (x2444x@1)doing the best that I can ...
                                 F# (244322@1)         G#mAnd (133111@4)I... I tried, and I tried to forget this,
                         BBut (x2444x@1)I'm much too full of resentment

F# (244322@1)                       D#7 (x32310@4)                G#mI'll (133111@4)always remember feeling like I was no good, 
                 F# (244322@1)                     G#mLike (133111@4)I couldn't do it for you like your mistress could
        BAnd (x2444x@1)it's all because you lied

F# (244322@1)                       D#7 (x32310@4)                  G#mLoved (133111@4)you more than another, more than my own life
                            F# (244322@1)                   G#mBut (133111@4)that part of me I gave you... It was sacrificed
        B (x2444x@1)And it's all because you lied

B (x2444x@1)               F# (244322@1)     G#mI (133111@4)only give you a hard time 
                           B'Cause (x2444x@1)I can't go on and pretend like 
          F (133211@1)                G#mI (133111@4)haven't tried to forget this
                           BBut (x2444x@1)i'm much too full of resentment

F# (244322@1)                     D#7I (x32310@4)know she was atrractive, but I was here first
G#m (133111@4)                    F#Been (244322@1)riding with you for 6 years
             G#m (133111@4)        B (x2444x@1)           (E B)
Why did I deserve to be treated this way by you?
F# (244322@1)                            D#7I (x32310@4)know you're probably thinking, "what's up with B?"
G#m (133111@4)             F# (244322@1)             G#mI (133111@4)been crying for too long, what did you do to me?

F# (244322@1)                            D#7I (x32310@4)used to be so strong, but now you took my soul...
     G#m (133111@4)       F# (244322@1)          G#mI'm (133111@4)crying! Can't stop crying! Can't stop crying!
B (x2444x@1)        (E B) F# (244322@1)         G#mYou (133111@4)coulda told me you wasn't happy
  F# (244322@1)                          
I know you didn't wanna hurt me
G#mBut (133111@4)look what you've done to me now
B (x2444x@1)                  (E B)    F# (244322@1)            D#7 (x32310@4)         G#mI (133111@4)gotta look at her in her eyes and see she's had half of me
                  FHow (133211@1)could you lie?

[fade out]

F# (244322@1)                  D#7 (x32310@4)                G#me|---------------------|-------------------|-4-----4-----4-6-7-| (133111@4)B|-7-----------7-------|-8-----------8-----|-----4---4---4-----|

F# (244322@1)                   G#m (133111@4)                      B (x2444x@1)       E (022100@1)name="chord_x2444x@1">B
e|-6----------6h10p6---|-4h6p4------------4---|  |--------------------|
B|-7--------7----------|------7p4-------4---4-|  |-7-----------9-7----|
G|-6----6h8----------8-|----------4---4-------|  |-8---8---8---9-8----|1st
D|-8-------------------|------------6---------|  |---9---9---9-9-9----|&
A|-9-------------------|----------------------|  |-6------------------|2nd
E|---------------------|----------------------|  |--------------------|Repeat

3rd time around:
  Be|-------------------| (x2444x@1)B|-7-----------7-----|

  B (x2444x@1)       F# (244322@1)              G#m (133111@4)                   Be|-7-----7-|-7----6h10p6----|-4h6p4------------4---|-----------------------------| (x2444x@1)B|-7-----7-|-7----------9p7-|------7h4-------4---4-|-7-----------7-7-------------|

Please don't hesitate to send corrections via email.

| /   slide up
| \   slide down
| h   hammer-on
| p   pull-off
| ~   vibrato
| +   harmonic
| x   Mute note
| b   Bend
| pb  Pre-bend
| br  Bend release
| pbr Pre-bend release
| brb Bend release bend

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