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This is my first ever tab so please dont be too harsh if i get stuff wrong.
The tuning is standard and it is in 4/4 timing.It seems short but you repeat the same 
over and over except the intro.

tabs done by John Hall
          {insane newfie}
intro x4
[ Ami | Ami | F | Emi ]

corus1 x8
[ Ami | C | G | Dmi ]

corus2 x1
[ F| (133211@1)F| (133211@1)C| (x32010@1)C| (x32010@1)F| (133211@1)F| (133211@1)C| (x32010@1)G| (320003@1)F| (133211@1)F| (133211@1)C| (x32010@1)Ami| (x02413@1)G| (320003@1)F| (133211@1)F| (133211@1)C| (x32010@1)C| (x32010@1)G] (320003@1)
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