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Intro: C#m, A2, E, Bsus4  

A2    C#m         Bsus4
i wish more of a man...have you ever felt that way?
A2               C#m          Bsus4                                 A2               C#m      Bsus4
and if i had to tell you the truth i'm afraid i'd have to say that after all 

i've done and failed to do
i feel like less then i was meant to be
A2                   C#m     Bsus4
and what if i can fix myself maybe then i could get free
A2             C#m               Bsus4
i could try to be somebody else

whose much better off then me               
A2              C#m    Bsus4                           F#              A2
but i need to remember this that its when i'm at my weakest i can clearly see


C#m                                          A2
He made the lame walk and the tounge talk
        E                         Bsus4
and He opened blinded eyes to see
           C#m            A2
that the sun rises on His time
            E                            Bsus4
yes, He knows our deepest desperate need
             A2                           C#m
and the world waits while His heart aches
    Bsus4                                   A2
to realize the dream i wonder what life would be like if we let Jesus live 

through you and me


A2                     C#m       Bsus4
what if you could see yourself through another pair of eyes
A2                     C#m      Bsus4
what if you could hear the truth instead of old familiar lies
A2                    C#m       Bsus4                            F#
and what if you could feel inside the power of the hand that made the 
universe you'd realize




A2                      C#m          Bsus4
all our hearts they burn within us
A2                       C#m         Bsus4
all our lives we've longed for more
A2           C#m      Bsus4           A2         C#m       Bsus4
so let us lay our lives before the One who gave His life for us                      

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