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Still in Love With You By: Big Fat Snake
Tabbed By Mad Mart. Enjoy!


C#mI (x13321@4)got dreams I can't remember

G#mI (133111@4)got a wish that won't come true

AI (x02220@1)got a big miss I got a bad miss

EThings (022100@1)ain't going well

I got a love that I can't find
I only got you on my mind
And I miss you I really miss you

 B (2de time)

 can't think of nothing else.  Pause .


E (022100@1)name="chord_x2444x@1">B A (x02220@1)name="chord_x2444x@1">B E (022100@1)name="chord_x2444x@1">B C| (x32010@1) A (x02220@1)name="chord_x2444x@1">B G#7 (xx1112@1)name="chord_x13321@4">C#m B (x2444x@1)name="chord_x02220@1">A E (022100@1)
You are in my heart you make it beat
And you make it wanna stop
Since we've been apart I tell my broken heart
I'm still in love with you. Pause...


I keep living like I used to
I keep living nothing more
And I get by barely get by
In the memories of you

Maybe time will bring us together
Or more likely tear us apart
I don't know now do I care now
I care for nothing else

You are in my heart..

I'm in love with you

Solo:  A B G#7 C#m B A B

You are in my heart..

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