• Song:

    Drought Of 2013

  • Artist:

    Big Head Todd And The Monster

  • Album:

    Crimes Of Passion

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Big Head Todd & the Monsters
Drought of 2013
Crimes of Passion

Tab by Jay Neal

The whole song is Dm, G, x 2 
then run up 
5th string 0h3, 0h2, 0 
6th string, 3, strum G, strum G
Listen for strumming pattern

Dm (xx0231@1)                    GIn (320003@1)2010 I took her in and said I'd love her till
Dm (xx0231@1)                     Gthe (320003@1)sky has lost her blue and the rivers all run still. 
5th string 0h3, 0h2, 0, 6th string, 3, strum G, strum G
Followed her till she came in and put her hand in mine.

Then we lived in green fields but now it's just a shame.
Cities which once grew like weeds, now shipwrecks on the plain. 
750 days since a drop of rain.

Then came November and my lover hid up rye. 
Drank it in the swelter as she laughed as the red sun died. 
She said she was gonna leave me and head out to the sea-side. 
Catch a cloud and ride. Never such a thing.

Politicians blamed each other. The preachers swelled with pride. 
The wealthy killed each other and the poor gave up a smile. '
Cause 750 days without a drop of rain made everyone the same.

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