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Magdelina _ Big Head Todd and the Monsters

Strategem - 1994 . Transcribed by: Jay Neal 

There are strum variations and picking not included in this tab

/ = Slide down
 = Slide up


C (x32010@1)name="chord_133211@1">F C (x32010@1)name="chord_133211@1">F G (320003@1)  X3  
Crun (x32010@1)up    Grun (320003@1)up   G (320003@1) D/ E7-4th fret  D (xx0232@1)Dsus4 (xx0233@1)D (xx0232@1)
C (x32010@1)            G (320003@1)              D/ (xx0232@1)E7-4th fret  D (xx0232@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D  Dsus4 (xx0233@1)D (xx0232@1)Awaiting my treasure drifting ashore

C (x32010@1)                               G (320003@1)When from the galleys we're set free

G (320003@1)                      D/ E7-4th fret  D (xx0232@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D  Dsus4 (xx0233@1)DAnd (xx0232@1)I'll never give you more

C (x32010@1)                     G (320003@1)Than the time that we save

G (320003@1)              D/ (xx0232@1)E7 (020130@1)AmMagdelina (x02210@1)I forgave
Am (x02210@1)            C (x32010@1)            GAnd (320003@1)I will feel everything Oh Love 

2nd Verse

C run up G run up  D/ E7-4th fret  D  Dsus4  D

C (x32010@1)                G (320003@1)                             D/ E7 (020130@1)D (xx0232@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D Dsus4 (xx0233@1)DThere (xx0232@1)are bridges burning here and we have to keep below
C (x32010@1)                    G (320003@1)                           D/ E7 (020130@1)D (xx0232@1)D (xx0232@1)name="chord_xx0233@1">Dsus4  DLest (xx0232@1)the guns should overtake us and let out the final blow

C (x32010@1)                G (320003@1)                        D/ E7 (020130@1)AmA (x02210@1)deserter I'll be hung, though ever battle I had won

Am (x02210@1)             C (x32010@1)             GAnd (320003@1)I won't feel anything , oh love

Third Verse

C (x32010@1)name="chord_133211@1">F C (x32010@1)name="chord_133211@1">F  G (320003@1)  X 3

C (x32010@1)                           G (320003@1)            D/ D5 (xx023x@1)D (xx0232@1)name="chord_xx0232@1">D Dsus (xx0233@1)DHey (xx0232@1)Magdelina, there is only now to lay ...aside 

C (x32010@1)                       G (320003@1)                       D/ E7 (020130@1)D (xx0232@1)Dsus4 (xx0233@1)DAll (xx0232@1)the bad dreams of your past have been lost in the fire

C (x32010@1)                    G (320003@1)                     D/ E7 (020130@1)   
Remember, soon I'll be back to bathe in your smile

Am (x02210@1)               C (x32010@1)                  GAnd (320003@1)all the while touch a long time indeed 

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