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The song as played in the youtube acoustic version


A, E, D, A, E

AI (x02220@1)ya man have come to know
EThe (022100@1)movement looks strong
D (xx0232@1)From reading the scriptures
A (x02220@1)              EI (022100@1)know we ain't wrong, no
AJah (x02220@1)Jah people work together
EWe (022100@1)help out one another
DAnd (xx0232@1)we ain't got no time to lose
A (x02220@1)               EMust (022100@1)teach the ignorant truth, so

A (x02220@1)   E (022100@1)     DMore (xx0232@1)fruitful days
That is what the people need
A (x02220@1)   E (022100@1)     DMore (xx0232@1)fruitful days, ah yeah

Can't wait for promises of salvation
It's time to free our people
With a promise of some dignity
Rise up and heal the situation
Hear you call, yeah, yeah
Rasta people must face our destiny

More fruitful days
That is what the people need
More fruitful days
Time to heal the hurtin'
More fruitful days
Seeking out the righteous
More fruitful days

BmThem (x24432@1)a build their conspiracies
                    EWith (022100@1)no justice in sight
                  BmYou (x24432@1)just can't keep fillin' up the youth
                D (xx0232@1)   (
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