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frm Cormac Gartland at macbethyname@yahoo.com

Stroke it Noel - Big Star
D7*   X97778
G (320003@1)   320003
C (x32010@1)   X32010
D7/F# 200212

Intro (G-B-E Shown)
D7*                          GChild (320003@1)will will you come on down
                    CAnd (x32010@1)come on in with me
D7/F# (200212@1)              GMorning (320003@1)says to idle on
                    C (x32010@1) 
Stay clear of the street, oh
GOn (320003@1)the wing
    D7/F#And (200212@1)on the land
G (320003@1)Can't you sing
     D7/F#With (200212@1)anything?

"Do you wanna dance" String Thing (chorus)

         D7/F# (200212@1)         GAnd (320003@1)they say we're lazy men
                    CDrinkin' (x32010@1)our white wine
D7/F# (200212@1)               GYou (320003@1)could go right insane
                     CCos (x32010@1)we can buy the time
GKeepin' (320003@1)an eye
On the sky
GWill (320003@1)they come
Oh, the bombs


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