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Hi guys! I love this song, and since I didn't see the right version, I decided to 
post it. The chords are harder, but it's the same order all the way through, so 
that makes it easier. Rate and comment, please!!

Capo on 2nd fret-

C#mGuys (x13321@4)like me
       ELike (022100@1)girls like you
      BAnd (x2444x@1)girls like you
      ALike (x02220@1)guys like me

C#mI (x13321@4)blaze the night

In harbor lights
EYou (022100@1)dressin' light

It's fittin' right

BI (x2444x@1)hear the waves

I see you wave
AI'm (x02220@1)stayin' put

You say no way

C#mThe (x13321@4)track begins

I pull you in
EI (022100@1)touch your skin

You're tremblin'
BIt's (x2444x@1)in your eyes

You're here to win
ASo (x02220@1)let the game, game begin

C#mI (x13321@4)I I I
            EWanna (022100@1)see you you you you
            BTelling (x2444x@1)me that that you got what I need
ADo (x02220@1)pretty girl don't speak

C#mBaby (x13321@4)show me
                 EBy (022100@1)the way you hold me
                  BWay (x2444x@1)that you control me
                 ASpeed (x02220@1)me up or slow me
              C#mOh (x13321@4)when I'm lonely
                EFull (022100@1)of stormy weather
                 BCan (x2444x@1)you make it better
                  AI (x02220@1)heard what you told me
           C#mSo (x13321@4)oh oh show me

Know what you want my number for
Ain't talked enough
Let's talk some more
You kinda cute
Don't hit the mute
Just aim and shoot
Or get the boot

Wanna see you you you you
Telling me that that
That you got what I need
Do pretty girl don't speak

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