• Song:

    To Kia Hua

  • Artist:

    Bilal Khan

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This is a brilliant song put together by Coke Studio in Pakistan, and since it doesn't
have any proper tabs online, I figured I should tab it out. I got the strumming chords
off of Bilal Khan's Facebook page, and most of the bridge from a comment on his page. 
The rest I tabbed out myself.

The song itself:
The timing specified is relative to the video

There are two main guitars in the song, one which Bilal plays where he plays the
beginning notes,strumming, bridge and ending. The second guitarist plays some background notes
and the pre-bridge. I haven't figured out what he plays during the bridge though. I've 
seen a third guitarist in the video but I'm not sure what he plays.

Cappo on 3rd
Tabs are relative to Cappo

Tabs for Guitar 1(Bilal Khan):

From 0:06 to 0:17 he plays this:


Then from 0:18 till 2:07 he plays these chords. He strums them in a specific pattern
which you'll have to listen to the song a couple times to figure out. Each chord isn't
played once, but a couple of times in alternate up and down strokes.

Strumming chords:


From 2:18 till 2:40 he plays the bridge 4 times, then goes back to strumming the chords.
I haven't figured out what he plays in the pre-bridge, the small part that comes before
the bridge.

Bridge(Downward strums):


From 2:40 to 4:14, he does regular strumming. Then from 4:15 to 4:32, he plays the
ending notes, which are pretty much the same as the beginning.


Tabs for Guitar 2:

The second guitarist starts playing these notes at 0:18 till about 2:04

Second Guitar:

At 2:08, the guitarist begins the pre-bridge. He strums the first chord(G), then at 2:12
he strums the second chord(C), doing the hammer-on after, and at 2:15 he plays the last chord(Bm)

Pre-Bridge(chords + hammer-on):
   G (320003@1)name="chord_x32010@1">C        Bm|--3-3---------2-| (x24432@1)|--0-1---------3-|

The he resumes playing the previous notes as Bilal resumes strumming. Basically,
whenever Bilal is strumming(except from 2:57 till 3:08), the second guitarist is always playing
his part alongside him.

I don't know what he plays during the bridge and well that's the whole song.
It's tricky to play, even when you have tabs, but with practice, it can be done.
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