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Capo 5th fret

Basically repeats this pattern:
C/ (x32010@1)Eb (x43121@3)    Em/ (022000@1)Em7     Am/ (x02210@1)E11 (022232@1)   D9 / Dsus2 (xx0230@1)It's never easy to say goodbye
To the faces
So rarely do we see another one
So close and so long

I asked the room if I'd said enough
No one really answered
They just said, "Don't go, don't go"
Well all this leaving is neverending

I kept hoping for one more question
Or for someone to say,
"Who do you think you are?"
So I could tell them

With intensity, the drop evaporates by law
In conclusion, leaving is easy
When you've got some place you need to be
I'm giving up this gig for another season

Dm (xx0231@1)      DWith (xx0232@1)the TV on mute
I'm listening back to the tapes
On the hotel bed
My my my apocalypse

C/ (x32010@1)Eb (x43121@3)    Em/ (022000@1)Em7     Am/ (x02210@1)E11 (022232@1)   D9 / Dsus2I (xx0230@1)realized I had said very little about ways or wheels
Or riding for the feeling
Riding for the feeling
Is the fastest way to reach the shore

On water or land
Riding for the feeling

What if I had stood there at the end
And said again and again and again and again and again
An answer to every question
Riding for the feeling

Would that have been asuitable (x02210@1)goodbye?	
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