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Verses: Dbmaj  C7   Fm7  Ebm7  Dbmaj  C7   Fm7
 (bass) (C#)  (C-E) (F) (Eb-Ab) (C#) (C-E) (F)

Chorus: Dbmaj  C7 (x32310@1)  Fm7 (131141@1)  Ebm7 (x3131x@4) C#m7 (x4242x@1)C7 (x32310@1) Fm7 (131141@1)(bass) (C#)  (C-E) (F-Eb) (C#-Ab) (C#)  (C-E) (F)

NOTE: The fifth chord is different in the Chorus. The bass notes for the second 
and third chords in the Chorus differ from those in the Verses.

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