• Song:

    Between The Wars

  • Artist:

    Billy Bragg

  • Album:

    1987-03-07: Victoria Un...

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[D]I was A [Em]miner, [G]I was A [D]docker
[A]I was a [Bm]railway man [G]between the [A]wars
[A]I raised a [Bm]family in [G]times of [D]austerity
With [A]sweat at the [Bm]foundry [G]between [A]the [D]wars

[A]I paid the [Bm]union and [G]as times got [D]harder
I [A]looked to the government to help the working man
But [D]they brought [Em]prosperity [G]down at the [D]armoury
We're [A]arming for [Bm]peace, me boys [G]between [A]the [D]wars [G  D]

[D]I kept the [Em]faith and [G]I kept [D]voting
[A]Not for the [Bm]iron fist but [G]for the helping [A]hand
For theirs is a [Bm]land with a [G]wall [D]around it
And [A]mine is a [Bm]faith in [G]my [A]fellow [D]man

[A]Theirs is a [Bm]land of [G]hope and [D]glory
[A]Mine is the green field and the factory floor
[D]Theirs are the [Em]skies all [G]dark with [D]bombers
And [A]mine is the [Bm]peace we knew [G]between [A]the [D]wars [G  D]

[D]Call up the [Em]craftsmen, [G]bring me the [D]draftsmen
[A]Build me a [Bm]path from [G]cradle to [A]grave
And I'll give [Bm]my consent [G]to any [D]government
That [A]does not [Bm]deny a man a [G]li[A]ving [D]wage

[A]Go find the [Bm]young men [G]never to [D]fight again
[A]Bring up the banners from the days gone by
[D]Sweet [Em]moderation, [G]heart of this [D]nation
[A]Desert us [Bm]not, we are [G]between [A]the [D]wars [G  D]
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