• Song:

    Everybody Loves You Babe

  • Artist:

    Billy Bragg

  • Album:

    William Bloke

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Tabbed by: JohnJoe Walters

A piano-based song transcribed for guitar.

Tuning: Standard


X32010  C
133111  Fm
131131  Fm6
131141  Fm7
X02220  A
X22220  A(add B )
X32220  A(add C )
X42220  A(add C# )
X00231  Dm
XX0212  D7
2X0232  D(add F# )      
320003  G
320001  G7
320000  G6

Verse 1:
C                             Fm  
Everybody likes you babe, but me
C                                    A  A(add B )  A(add C )  A(add C# )
I guess that proves how stupid I can be
     Dm     A7          Dm                    A7      Dm
Your father thinks it's swell, your mum hears wedding bells
    D7                               G         G7        G6   
Our friends all say we make a lovely couple we get on so well

Verse 2 (same chords as Verse 1):
People say that we're a perfect match
They don't realise that there's a catch
They don't have to live with you, forgive you for the things you do
There's just no ignoring, you're pretty but you're boring

Verse 3:

C                             Fm  Fm6  Fm7 Fm6 
Everybody likes you babe, but me
C                                     A  A(add B )  A(add C )  A(add C# )
They just don't know how iffy you can be
    F               D(addF# )   C                A7
I'd hate for you to go,        before I let you know
     F         G                   C      G
That everybody loves you babe, but me

Verse 4 (chords same as verse 3, just piano over first two lines):
I'm begging you to stay, out of my way
Cos everybody likes you babe, but me

F          G                  C
Everybody likes you babe, but me

(Listen to the piano version and add ?grace notes? as you see fit)

Please enjoy!


 |  /   slide up
 |  \   slide down
 |  H   hammer-on
 |  p   pull-off
 |  ~   vibrato
 |  +   harmonic
 |  x   Mute note
 |  B   Bend
 |  pb  Pre-bend
 |  br  Bend release
 |  pbr Pre-bend release
 |  brb Bend release bend

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