The Wellie Boot Song - Billy Connolly
Tabbed by: Scott Gordon

Tuning: Standard


       G               D       C              D
If it wasn't for your wellies where would you be
G                            C      D
You'd be in the hospital or infir-mary
G                                           C         G
'Cause you would have a dose of the flu or even pleurisy
G                                     D     G
If you didn't have your feet in your well- ies


            G                   C                     G
Oh wellies they are wonderful, oh wellies they are swell
G                               C                     G
'Cause they keep out the water and they keep in the smell
G                               C                  G
And when you're sitting in a room you can always tell
G                                D     G
When some bugger takes off his well - ies


        G                                C            G
Oh and when you're out walking in the country with a bird
         G                              C              G
And you're strolling over fields just like a farmer's herd
         G                                         C          G
And somebody shouts, "Keep off the grass" and you think how absurd
         G                                 C      G
and SQUELCH you find why farmers all wear well - ies


        G                                C          G
There's fishermen and firemen, there's farmers and all
        G                           C        G
Men out digging ditches and working in the snow
        G                                  C                 G
This country it would grind to a halt and not a thing would grow
        G                              C      G
If it wasn't for the workers in their well - ies


        G                         C            G
Oh Edward Heath and Wilson they haven't made a hit
        G                          C           G
They're ruining this country more than just a bit
        G                                    C            G
If they keep on the way they're going we'll all be in the (shhhhh)
        G                             C       G
So you'd better get your feet in your well - ies


P.S. The last verse is a bit dated as it refers to the political 
leaders of the time!

You might want to try replacing it with this?:
'Oh Cameron and Mr Clegg they haven't made a hit'
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