• Song:

    Be Still

  • Artist:

    Billy Foote

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Be Still Chords by Billy Foote

Be Still
Billy Foote

Key: D
Dm G Asus A Asus A

D       G
Be still
         Asus     A D
Draw near and have   no fear
G             A               D  C  G/B
For He is here we're not alone
D       G
Be still
     Asus      A D
And see that He   longs to be
G          Asus               D Dm G Asus A D C G/B D
With the ones He calls His own

          G                Asus
Let the peace that He gives
        D            A/C#        Bm
Let it meet You where    you live
          G        Asus                Dsus D
Let His grace become your resting place
               G               Asus
And with the burden that you bear
Come into His presence
        Bm             E7sus E7
And there you will find
      Asus       A
He's all you need
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