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		She's Not Cryin Anymore - Billy Ray Cyrus

Verse1:	                              D
	She used to cry when I'd come home late
	she couldn't buy the lies I told
	all she wanted was to be needed
	someone that she could call her own

	the love I know I took for granted
	until she walked out of my door
	too little too late to say I'm sorry
	she's not cryin anymore

Chorus:	                    G         A
	she's not crying anymore
	she aint lonely any longer
	                         G                        A
	there's a smile upon her face a new love takes my place
	she's not crying anymore

Solo:	|D    |Em    |A    |D    ||

	I hear she's really doing well now
	she's picked herself up off the ground
	I wasn't there when I was needed
	but I was there to let her down

	sometimes you know I feel so foolish
	If I knew then what I know now
	another tear would never fall
	cause I'd give our love my all
	if we could work things out somehow

	[CHORUS x 2]

Outro:	                         Em                        A
	there's a smile upon her face, a new love takes my place
	                   Bm     G     D
	she's not cryin anymore

	Charted by Rick Schofield (rds@rds.mv.com)
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