• Song:

    Nothing To Lose

  • Artist:

    Billy Talent

  • Album:

    666 Live

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Artist: Billy Talent
Song: Nothing to Lose
Album: Billy Talent
Tunning: Standard

Tabbed By: Jeff DeMatte

Chords Used:


Em    F#    D/G          C
Need more friends with wings,
 B         F   Em  F#        D/G            C     B   F
All the angels I  know put concrete in my veins.
      Em    F#  D/G   C
I'd always walk home alone,
B      F     Em   F#         G/D       C        B   F
So I became life-less, just like my telephone.

  C                 Em
There's nothing to lose 
       D                Bm
when no-one knows your name,
  Em                G            F#                   F
There's nothing to gain but the days don't seem to change.
  C                 Em        D            Bm
There's nothing to lose my notebook will explain.
 Em                 G       F#                  F
There's nothing to gain and I  can't fight the pain. 

Thats it!
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