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   / Bj?rk       /  I think the song is about Selma imagining herself in heaven.
  / New World   /  Her previously new world USA didn't quite live up to her expec-
 / Selmasongs  /  tations, so she now tries her luck in the next world. It could
/_____________/  actually also be about the new life she has granted her son.

Time: 4 / 4
Key: Eb major (3 flats)
(it was quite hard to find any chords that sounded anything like the symphony
 orchestra on the record, but this is my best solution to get the real sound)

      Eb   Abm   Eb7   Ab   Ebmaj7   Cm   F5   Abmaj7

| Eb | Eb | Eb | Eb |

| Eb | Abm | Eb | Abm |

| Eb7 | Ab | Ebmaj7 | Eb7 |

| Ebmaj7 | Ab | Ebmaj7 |

| Cm F5 | Abmaj7 F5 |

| Cm F5 | Abmaj7 F5 |

| Cm F5 |

| Eb | Abm | Eb | Abm |

| Eb7 | Ab Abm |

 2x Verse



repeat | Eb | Abm | plenty of times, it would be impossible and
pointless to try to transcribe the string arrangements on guitar

Form (with the chords above the lyrics):

1st Verse:
Eb                  Abm
  Train-whistles, a sweet clementine
Eb             Abm
  Blueberries, dancers in line
Eb7          Ab
  Cobwebs, a bakery sign
  Ebmaj7       Eb7
  Ooh, a sweet clementine
  Ebmaj7 Ab               Ebmaj7
  Ooh,   dancers in line, ooh

  Cm           F5
  If living is seeing
      Abmaj7     F5
  I'm holding my breath
  Cm          F5
  In wonder I wonder
  Abmaj7       F5
  What happens next?
    Cm           F5          
  A new world, a new day to...
  Eb  Abm  Eb  Abm  Eb7  Ab Abm

2nd Verse:
Eb           Abm
  I'm softly walking on air
Eb           Abm
  Halfway to heaven from here
Eb7          Ab
  Sunlight unfolds in my hair
  Ebmaj7   Eb7
  Ooh, I'm walking on air
  Ebmaj7  Ab                Ebmaj7
  Ooh, to heaven from here, ooh

- 23rd /April /07
Just mail me at Maitinin@gmail.com with questions, comments and corrections!
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